Rigid HD small diameter laryngoscopes

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Despite a slim diameter of only 5 mm, the endoscopes are extremely bright. ENDODOCTOR’s rigid laryngoscopes provide excellent HD quality images for a detailed view of the finest structures of the larynx and vocal cords. The innovative design with thinner diameters significantly reduces the gag reflex. The rigid laryngoscopes are available with or without handle. Fixfocus technology with excellent depth of focus makes the endoscopes much more durable and resistant to moisture penetration. All Endodoctor rigid laryngoscopes are therefore autoclavable at 134°C.



Endoscopes for indirect laryngoscopy with a reduced diameter of 5 mm. Thin diameters are very helpful in cases of strong gag reflex. At the same time, the physician does not have to forego high image quality and detailed imaging.

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