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Endoscopes for hysteroscopy for diagnosis and therapy of intrauterine diseases



Endodoctor cystoscopes for use in urology for the examination of the bladder and urethra, are of high quality with excellent contrast and superior color reproduction. They are therefore particularly suitable for use with endoscopy cameras. Equipped with high-performance lenses, the endoscopes offer full HD image quality. A welded outer tube ensures a tightly sealed system. The sapphire glass used, which provides higher scratch resistance, extends service life with the soldered termination window. The endoscopes can be supplied compatible with all well-known suppliers such as Storz, Olympus or Wolf. The optics are autoclavable at 134° C / 234°F.

Additional information


2,9 mm ∅, 4 mm ∅

Working Length

301 mm, 302 mm

Line of Vision

0°, 12°, 30°, 45°, 70°